Building His Kingdom

While we celebrate 40 years of Christian education and the strong foundation on which we stand, we see that students and families are facing challenges and navigating issues in a perilous culture. 

Now more than ever, we must do more. Eden Christian Academy is moving into a new season with a bold call to advance how we educate and cultivate servants for Christ and leaders for tomorrow.

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Now More Than Ever

We are excited to share just a glimpse at the vision for our campuses.

Elementary Refresh
Elementary Refresh
Mount Nebo Campus
Master Plan

Latest Campaign Updates

March Campaign Update

For More Information or a Personal Meeting, Please Contact:

Tod Aiken

Head of School [email protected] 412-512-2231

Christian Wecker

Director of Operations [email protected] 412-364-8055

Anna Aiken

Director of Development [email protected] 412-364-8055

Melanie Rocha

Development Liaison [email protected] 412-364-8055

Updates on the Campaign

We have been blessed beyond measure as we follow the Lord’s call to expand, refresh, and invest in the facilities, students, and staff of ECA. The campaign is accomplishing tangible improvements and impact for a greater experience in the day-to-day life of each of our students.

To those who immediately stepped out in faith to partner in Building His Kingdom, we thank you again for your contribution to the campaign. We are blessed and grateful for your gifts.

In campaign fundraising, we are excited to share that we have reached $2.9m toward the $9m campaign goal. This is incredible!

To give a clearer perspective, this amount is nearly twice as much as Eden has ever raised for a single project in the past. God is good! We are working with suppliers to bring our cost for the project down as well so we hope to be able to report that we are over 33% funded by the end of this month.

In terms of physical changes, you may have noticed that turf installation at the Mt. Nebo Campus is underway. Drainage, site work, and ground preparation have been completed, and turf is already being installed – ahead of baseball and our first-ever season on the new surface! 

Lastly, we are getting ready for our elementary campus upgrades and improvements this summer. Finishes, furniture, and all the details are being finalized as you read this. We look forward to sharing beautiful, new renderings, and exciting images of progress at Berkeley Hills and Wexford in the weeks ahead.

Last updated March 2024